Optimise between 10-25%
on your gas combustion

Reach your sustainability goals for natural gas by burning more efficiently & hereby optimise your gas usage KPI's, all while adding savings to the company's bottom line


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gas combustion

- with limited oxygen access some hydrocarbon molecules go unburned

Natural gas (and other carbon-based fuels like propane, oil, diesel, and gasoline) are used as fuel for heat, hot water, cooking, and industrial applications – e.g. in a furnace or boiler.

The hydrocarbon molecules in these fuels tend to cluster together, which results in a significant percentage of the molecules being limited from mixing sufficiently with the oxygen molecules before combustion.

Access to oxygen is critical for even combustion of the fuel. Therefore, a certain percentage of the hydrocarbon molecules go unburned in the process – due to which a 10-25% extra fuel needs to be burned to produce the same amount of heat

Quantify GAS
efficiency solution

- Optimising gas magnetic technology for efficient & sustainable gas burning

By applying specially polarised magnets around the fuel feeder pipe close to the point of combustion of the furnace or boiler (or other combustion point of the fuel), the magnetic force will pull the clustered hydrocarbon molecules apart and allow a greater number of oxygen molecules to attach themselves with the hydrocarbon molecules just prior to combustion.

Because of this, a greater percentage of hydrocarbon molecules get burned in the process, and will generate the same amount of heat needed by using 10-25% less fuel.

This solution will additionally cut down on the carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions by 50%+ and Nitrogen Oxide emissions by 10%+

Key advantages

- Quantify GAS

Reduce Natural Gas Spend by 10-25%
- All types of industrial, commercial & large residential facilities
Sustainability improvement
- Lowers carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions by 50%+
Compelling Economics
- Payback in 2 years or less
Performance Guarantee
- Pay only for savings demonstrated
- Investment options with financing
Tax Benefits
- Tax reductions on sustainable investment
Quick Installation
- No shutoff time required
10-year Warranty
- No ongoing maintenance
Portable function
- Installed on/outside the pipe
Developed & manufactured in the USA

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