Save between 10-25%
on your water utility spend

Reach your water sustainability goals by correcting public water meter measurements & hereby optimise your water usage KPI's, all while adding money savings to the company's bottom line


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public water

- utility companies are overcharging you for the actual water utilised

As water flows through the public water pipes, turbulence and pressure drops are occuring, which introduces a lot of air into the pipe systems that carry water from the utility company to your facility. The meter that the utility company uses to measure your water usage measures the volume of both water and air flowing through the pipe (not just the water). Because of this, up to 25% of the water usage that the utility company records is actually just air. Therefore, your facility is getting overcharged for water by up to 25%

Quantify WATER
accuracy solution

- Innovative water management technology for efficient & accurate water measurement

The innovative Quantify WATER solution is installed in the water pipe near the public water meter on the client property side, to compresses the air bubbles into the water flow– so nearly 100% of what is flowing through the meter is water, for the utility company to only bill you for the actual water you used (and not air).

Down-stream from the installation, the flow of the water becomes laminar and free of public water system turbulence, which slightly reduces the flow rate usually resulting in a 2-5% reduction in water usage. The air compression lowers your water bills by 10-25%.

Key advantages

- Quantify WATER

Reduce Water Spend by 10-25%
- All types of industrial, commercial & large residential facilities
Compelling Economics
- Payback in 2 years or less
Performance Guarantee
- Pay only for savings demonstrated
- Investment options with financing
Tax Benefits
- Tax reductions on sustainable investment
Quick Installation
- Minimum shutoff time
10-year Warranty
- No ongoing maintenance
Adjustable Externally
- Calibration options after installation
Patented Technology
- Unique patented technology
Developed & manufactured in the USA

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